National Policy Forum Submission 2020

The National Policy Forum (NPF) 2020 consultation ran until 30th June, inviting submissions from across the Labour movement to help shape future policy.

Our submission below drew on suggestions and ideas from a wide range of members and stakeholders, aiming to put our vision of a fairer, better run Britain into words.

We sought to answer three main questions:

  1. What lessons can be learnt from the success of the Welsh Labour Government, and from the devolution of powers to Metro Mayors and combined authorities
  2. How can the principles of federalism help to reshape the devolution settlement in order to maximise the opportunity it presents?
  3. What role could a constitutional convention play in helping to forge a new long term consensus about how our country is run?

Read our submission below and contact us at to let us know your thoughts.

Please submit our proposal to the NPF by June 30 2020 to join the fight against the unequal and dysfunctional over-centralisation of our political system

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